Difference between gyms and fitness centres

There are so many fitness and exercising options available out there and it sometimes gets overwhelming to choose the one which is best. This is the reason we will be discussing some very important difference between gym and fitness centre Abu Dhabi to set things straight from now on to never confuse ourselves ever again. Let’s take a look what all the hype is about:

  • Work out facilities

Gym: If you are looking for a place where you can solely dedicate yourself to weight lifting and strength training then gym is your place. It has an extensive range of weight lifting and strengthening equipments which can be very helpful for person who wants to work on their body building in particular.

Fitness centre: If you are still not sure what kind of exercising and fitness you would like to opt for and rather want to explore your options then fitness centres can provide you all sorts of workout facilities in the same place. They range from gymnasium to swimming and Jacuzzis to saunas with tanning beds and aerobic as well as yoga classes.

  • Member diversity

Gym: If we talk about gyms and the kind of members that it consists we will see that there are men who are mostly attracted to this place as it is all about body building and strengthening and thus there is not much member diversity seen as there will be mostly men who have great body building while others who are just getting started.

Fitness centre: Whereas comparing fitness centre’s member diversity to gym’s we will see a significant difference as it is a place which offers all sorts of facilities that does not specify a type and programme which everyone is there for. You will see people from thin to broad, young to old and men to women of all sorts visiting the place for their own different purpose.

All in all, gym and fitness centres differ greatly from one another and there can be a gym found in fitness centre but a fitness centre cannot comprise in a gym. From trainers to equipments, everything is different and it is the interest of different people that pulls them to their place.

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